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Dear Industrial Partners,

SRF2015 is the bi-yearly conference for the superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) accelerator community. Physicists, engineers and technical personnel interested in all facets of SRF technology will converge on the Whistler Conference Center Sept. 13-18, 2015 to discuss and review the latest issues, trends and challenges in the field.  SRF technology is the cutting edge technology for modern linear accelerators with many significant projects in the fabrication/procurement stage and more projects in development phases for the near future. As an indication of the strong global interest the SRF conference series is growing with more than 400 registered delegates at the previous conference in Paris.

The SRF community relies on their partnership with high-tech industry to deliver state of the art materials and technologies. This specialized conference is a perfect venue to promote your industry to the project leaders and researchers. 

An information package has been put together that details the many opportunities to promote your business through SRF2015. (link to package)

Topics Discussed at SRF2015

Some of the topics discussed at the meeting will include:

SRF projects globally

    • Existing projects
    • Future projects

Cavity fabrication

    • Forming, machining, electron beam welding
    • Materials – Nb, NbTi, Ti, new materials

Cavity testing

    • Cryostats, cryogenics, refrigerators, cryo-diagnostics
    • RF sources, waveguides, rf feedthroughs, rf windows, rf diagnostics
    • Magnetic shielding
    • Low level RF systems and components

Cavity design

    • Computer modeling (rf and mechanical)

Cavity processing

    • Chemical treatment (BCP and EP)
    • Ultra-sound rinsing
    • De-gassing and doping in vacuum furnace
    • High pressure water rinsing
    • Clean room assembly
    • Mechanical (barrel) polishing

SRF Cryomodules

    • Rf couplers and RF tuners
    • Thermal insulation
    • Precision bellows
    • Cryogenic valves
    • Magnetic shielding

SRF fundamentals

    • Material testing techniques
    • Material diagnostics
    • Thin films

We welcome you to SRF2015.

Robert Laxdal, SRF 2015 Conference Chair
Bhalwinder Waraich, SRF2015 Industrial Liaison