Tutorial Program - Overview

See the photo gallery page to see the photos from the Tutorial Sessions!

Following tradition, SRF2015 tutorial sessions will be held prior to the conference from Sept. 10-12 at the Delta Whistler Village Suites located in Whistler Village. The tutorials are designed to provide an in-depth overview of SRF related subjects for students as well as scientists and engineers new to the field. Experts in the SRF global community will present lectures on a wide range of topics related to SRF. Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided for speakers and students. In addition, there will be a Saturday afternoon social event to mark the end of the tutorial sessions and to promote discussion and the free exchange of ideas between students and experts. 

The following main topics will be treated during the tutorials sessions:
    Basic Principles of RF Superconductivity
    Cavity design and fabrication (Elliptical and non-elliptical)
    Ancillaries design and fabrication (LLRF, Tuning Systems, High-Power and HOM Couplers,…)
    Cavity testing and diagnostics
    Operation of cavities with beam
    Limits in cavity performance (origin, material properties, processing, QA…)
    Future SRF Materials: alternatives to bulk niobium
    Clean-Room Techniques
    Cryomodule Design

Contact Person: Tobias Junginger (tobi@triumf.ca)