Author Information - Paper submission instructions

Paper submission is now closed!

The deadline for the receipt of contributions to the Proceedings of SRF 2015 is:   

Wednesday, September 9 - 23:59 PDT (UT -0700)


This is ahead of the conference so that the papers can be processed by the editorial team and any problems can be analysed and then discussed with authors at the conference.

Authors are encouraged to submit their papers, via their SPMS accounts, well before this deadline in order to avoid difficulties due to overloading of the system.

The successful processing of all contributions during the conference relies heavily on the collaboration of all authors. Since the JACoW editorial team is only available during the conference, any delay in receiving contributions will cause a delay in processing them, and will ultimately jeopardize swift publication on JACoW.

Submit only papers that are final and ready for publication. "Place holders" or "preliminary" versions waste the time of the editors and jeopardize early publication. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject such submissions.

Submission of Electronic Files

Paper submission is now closed!

Please ensure:

The file you are uploading with type Source File for the docx files
and naming it correctly (<paper_id>.docx etc).

Also make sure that you are not uploading a paper with a nonstandard
name (e.g. MyPaper.docx) as an "Other Supporting File”

And lastly, you might  try using another web
browser for the source file upload.  Please also be sure to
click the confirm button before trying to upload the .docx source file.


What Files Should Be Provided?

Only files named according to the paper´s program code can be uploaded via the system. ALL files used to produce the contribution must be uploaded, for example, for paper MOPBP01, file names should be

  • MOPBP01.pdf - the PDF file


Or if no PDF file can be provided:

  • - the PostScript file (rename .prn files to .ps beforehand, where necessary)


Source Files:

  • MOPBP01.doc – (or .docx) the WORD source file, or
  • MOPBP01.tex - the LaTeX source file, if LaTeX was used, or
  • MOPBP01.odt - the or LibreOffice source file, if used


Oral Presentations:

  • MOPBP01_talk.pdf and/or
  • MOPBP01_talk.ppt and/or
  • MOPBP01_talk.odp - the file to be used for the oral presentation


What to Submit

Once the contribution has been prepared using JACoW templates and according to the SRF 2015 Paper Preparation guidelines, the author should submit all of the following files:

  • A properly formatted MS Word, LaTeX, or OpenOffice/LibreOffice document;
  • A PDF file made from this document (new). If you do not have the ability to generate a PDF file, submit a PostScript file made from that document;
  • Each original illustration in its native format as used in the document.

For Oral Presentation:

  • PDF, PowerPoint or OpenOffice/LibreOffice of your slides for your oral presentation (and associated video or animation files where appropriate in their native format)


Once all files are ready for submission, login to your SRF 2015 Author Account and click on the File Upload link.

Papers will undergo processing by the Editorial Team from the deadline for submission. Authors can check the status via the login to their SRF 2015 SPMS Account or by consulting the electronic dot board at the conference. E-mails will be sent via SPMS whenever a processing dot colour is assigned or is changed.

***Ensure that the paper title and co-authors on the paper entered into the SPMS are identical to your paper. If this is not the case, click on the links "edit" or "authors" and update. SPMS data will be used for the production of the table of contents and author index of the proceedings. Failure to enter all co-authors means they will be omitted from the author index.