General - Conference Poster and Logo

The conference logo is `SRF Inukshuk’. Historically the Inukshuk (also Inuksuk, plural Inuksuit), meaning `substitute person’, is an Inuit stone monument. Inuksuit were placed on the barren artic landscape to act as "helpers" to the Inuit. Among their many practical functions: they were used as hunting and navigational aids, as meeting points, and as site indicators (eg, where food was cached). In addition to their earthly functions, certain inukshuk-like figures have spiritual connotations.

Due to the size of the sculptures it is obvious that they required a communal effort to construct. As such they are the result of a consensus of purpose, of a focused action by a group united in its goal and labour. The constructions were not just for the people engaged in the effort but were for the broader good of the Inuit people of the region. These themes have resonated with Canadians and now the Inukshuk is an accepted symbol of good will and friendship and represents guidance and unity of a group working towards common goals.  

The SRF community has a common purpose – we seek understanding while we walk along a frozen barren landscape (2 K is cold!) using the signposts from past communal efforts to guide us on our way. SRF2015 is another opportunity to meet together to share our experiences and knowledge and construct a few more signposts in our quest for understanding.

A PDF of the conference poster can be found here: poster.pdf. The Inukshuk in the conference poster is on Whistler mountain and we will get a chance to see it on our Wednesday outing. The photo looks towards `Black Tusk’, a pinnacle of volcanic rock that is among the best known mountains in the Garibaldi range of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

GIFs of the conference logo `SRF Inukshuk’ can be found here: